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I love this website greatly

I love this website greatly

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Barefoot Running Part 5: Footwear

Barefoot Running Part 5: Footwear:


This may be the shortest article ever.  Let’s talk about footwear.  You don’t need any.  You know how you have feet?  That’s it.  you’re good to go.

…. no?

Okay, I get it.  Some people aren’t comfortable running in their bare feet all the time.  The reasons for this are many, but here’s a few that are pretty good….

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FlintLand VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail Review

FlintLand VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail Review:


The Neo Trail is getting great reviews across the board. He’s another from Quebec based runner Francois Bourdeau

“The Neo Trail delivered beyond my expectations”

“This is one solid trail running shoe, and thus far my choice when it comes to serious single-trail running. With the excellent proprioception of a true minimal shoe and the traction / protection of a standard trail runner, The Neo Trail offers the best of both worlds. I am very impressed with it and will keep using it for many more happy trail miles in the future.”

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Call me Verc.: Barefoot running shoes!

Call me Verc.: Barefoot running shoes!:


I went into the mall today with a friend and found an amazing pair of agate and grey Vibrams:

I like these shoes a lot! The look of them is great and when I tried them on in the store they were super comfortable to trot around in. I’ll admit that I bought them a little bit on impulse (I…

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