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This really fine

This really fine

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Scarlet Nerded: Reblog if you’ve ever been screwed over by Bally Total Fitness.

Scarlet Nerded: Reblog if you’ve ever been screwed over by Bally Total Fitness.:


Here is what one Bally Total Fitness representative eloquently stated about Bally’s cancellation policy:

If you purchase a car, you can’t give it back or stop paying the note because you don’t have time to drive it anymore. You have to either sell it (similar to transferring your membership)…

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Bosu Tilt Plank Exercise

Bosu Tilt Plank Exercise :


Bosu Tilt Plank Exercise - Step 1
Step 1
Place it Black (firm) side up, and begin in a straight arm prone plank position. With your back straight andabs drawn up to your spine …
Bosu Tilt Plank Exercise - Step 2
Step 2
apply more pressure to one side of the bosu-style ball so it tilts down to the ground. Then using your abs, read more

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Astavakrasana – Eight Angle Pose

Astavakrasana – Eight Angle Pose:


Astavakrasana - Eight Angle Pose

The traditional discipline of yoga has a knack for making us challenge our physical, spiritual and mental boundaries. The eight angle pose (astavakrasana pose) is a challenging arm balance asana which requires time and practice to perform perfectly. The benefits, however, make it well worth the effort!

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