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This really beneficial

This really beneficial

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Innovation for Endurance: What Do You Think About Barefoot Running Shoes?

Innovation for Endurance: What Do You Think About Barefoot Running Shoes?:


These days, barefoot running seems to be all the rage. A growing number of athletes are ditching shoes—at least traditional shoes—and running like a caveman (or cavewoman). Or at least like former South African star Zola Budd. Proponents—and some studies suggest they are right—say…

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Vibram Five Fingers Shoes up to 40% Off!

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes up to 40% Off!:


Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS

Because wearing Vibram FiveFingers is so close to going barefoot, you’ll enjoy the health and performance benefits of barefooting without some of the risks. Outdoor enthusiasts have found Vibram FiveFingers to be the ideal crossover shoe for multiple sports and activities-from ChiRunning and bouldering to kayaking and windsurfing. Fitness enthusiasts use Vibram FiveFingers for core strength training, yoga and Pilates. Our customers continually discover new and creative uses for our alternative performance footwear.

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